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Hack on Government Agencies

CISA's alert

US: Hack on Government Agencies Goes Beyond SolarWinds Users The alert from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) also warns that removing the hackers from compromised systems won’t be easy. UPDATE: Microsoft was also hacked, according to Reuters, citing unnamed sources. The company’s own software tools were then used to attack other victims. However, Microsoft President Brad Smith is denying the report. Original story:…

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Basics Computer Security

The basics of computer security, and how to make sure you’re protect. Let’s cover computer security. The first thing we’re going to talk about is something called a dictionary attack which has to do with your passwords. When creating your passwords, some sites require extremely specific and complicated passwords, which is actually a bit unnecessary. The type of attacks…

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We Do Intranets

Intranet An intranet is a set of networks that are under the control of a single administrative entity. The intranet uses the IP protocol and IP-based tools such as web browsers and file transfer applications. The administrative entity limits use of the intranet to its authorized users. Most commonly, an intranet is the internal LAN of an organization. A…

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