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Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine

Cradlepoint NetCloud: Securely Connecting People, Places and Things with 4G LTE, SD-WAN and Cloud Services …

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Distributed and mobile enterprises across many industries are embracing cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to increase business agility, empower distributed workforces, and gain operational insights—driving the need for always-connected people, places, and things.

As a result, an increasing amount of enterprise network traffic is moving off private IP networks and onto the public Internet. The Cradlepoint NetCloud platform is designed specifically for this new “Interprise” era and allows companies to deploy private cloud networks over wired and wireless broadband Internet services for branch, mobile workforce, vehicle, and IoT networks.

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What is a Virtual Cloud Network

The Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine (NCE) is a new cloud-based, Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) that lets customers easily create a secure private network that overlays the Internet for connecting people, places and things. They can now do this without the cost and complexity of a traditional VPNs, such as Topology Design, Private Circuit Ordering and Provisioning, IP address management, DNS setup, private APNs, sizing hardware VPN concentrators, configuring PKI, and so on. From a partner perspective, this means you can configure and deploy customers faster without tying up your most experienced network engineers. Just like with cloud computing, we’ve used the cloud to automate and offload the complexity of building, deploying, managing and securing global networks (think: Amazon AWS for networking).

Who benefits from a service like NetCloud Engine?

Distributed enterprises and mobile SMBs and enterprises with lean IT budgets and staffing, and those who are grappling with securely connecting a growing number of remote people, places, and things to their data center, public cloud servers and SaaS applications.

Ideal buyer profiles include:

  • IT generalists
  • Network engineers
  • DevOps teams
  • Managed Service Providers
  • Cloud administrators
  • IoT system administrators

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