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Bill Gates Is Giving Away Money

MoneyThe Bill Gates Hoax

I’ve seen this hoax show up more than any other hoax on this list and it cracks me up every time. I don’t know why anyone would think that forwarding an e-mail or sharing a Facebook status will get Bill Gates to give you a dump truck of money. The thing about this one is that Bill Gates really could give someone a dump truck full of money if he wanted to. Unfortunately, he’s not the fun kind of billionaire.

He spends all of his money on feeding people and curing dumb diseases.

ByJungle Computer

ATM Security Hoax

ATM Security Hoax:
ATM HoaxWho needs 911 when you’ve got your trusty PIN number? This scam reports that if you need to call the police at an ATM machine, you can subtly make the call by typing in your PIN number backwards. The website Hoax-Slayer.com reports that the scam “stated that this method of calling the police is very seldom used because people don’t know it exists,” and assures customers that “the machine will still give you the monies you requested,” despite having typed in your code backwards.

Question; My ATM PIN number is 5665, how’s that going to work???